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Starting from 2003 with the 80th anniversary of the first “Biennale” and housed in the Villa Reale – later transferred, in 1933, definitively to the Palazzo dell’Arte in Milan, specially designed by Muzio in the Sempione Park – a central project for Monza evolving in the contemporary debate dedicated to design and production on the territory with which the city is closely linked.

The project ran over the course of a year with exhibitions, meetings and lectures. Various curators were called in for the numerous initiatives, in order to allow different reading keys on themes such as design, living, and project culture.

Presentation leaflet of all the initiatives organised from October to December 2004 in the "Design in Monza" programme

The two catalogues of the exhibitions dedicated to the Bienniale and Trienniale edited, respectively, by Auty Panzera and Alberto Bassi, Raimonda Riccini

Activities presentation material